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Chisholm & Darden ("C&D") is Jack Chisholm, Scott Chisholm, Andrea Darden, Steve Pierce, Mark Minder, & Jani Cooke -a "super-'local'" commission-free, fee-only Registered Investment Advisor, staffed by Ann Arbor residents and established in Ann Arbor in 1981 as "Chisholm & Dames" (by Jack Chisholm & the late John Dames).  

It is dedicated to the stewardship of the financial- and retirement-assets of individuals, corporations, and local non-profits.*

We invest for you and offer transparent, ongoing management.

*Investing involves risk and possible loss of principal.  No statements made on this website are meant to predict or promise future results.

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 Wall Street night in December, (bottom left): New York Stock Exchange building, (left, dark, diagonally-up): Bank of New York ("BONY") building, (church): Trinity Church 

Wall Street night in December, (bottom left): New York Stock Exchange building, (left, dark, diagonally-up): Bank of New York ("BONY") building, (church): Trinity Church 


It all started when...

In 1994, I started managing investments in the shadows of Trinity Church, the original Bank of New York, and the venerable New York Stock Exchange buildings. I’d gone to New York for music, but returned to Ann Arbor to raise a family, and manage investments for the people of Ann Arbor.

I founded this company in 2004, and ran it until I confronted significant personal challenges in 2015 and joined my business with friends’. Over the bridge now, with wind at my back and hope in my heart, I have relaunched my firm.

In addition, in 2015, alongside work, I resolved to let myself sing as much as possible and attempt to win tenor soloist roles in a big orchestral works, like Verdi’s Requiem, and Beethoven’s Ninth (“Ode to Joy”) Symphony. Prior to returning home, I worked as tenor soloist in NYC, also outside my primary career. Now, with unprecedented confidence, I’m doing it again. Once the stuff of dreams, I have been privileged to perform tenor roles, including Handel’s Messiah. My hopes remain high.

I strive to be an advisor with whom I would like to work. Both Music and Money are close to the heart. Who better to understand the language? I bring depth of interests and breadth of experience to you. Many of my clients are friends.

I take a nominal fee in exchange for making and managing your investments directly in the market. I don’t pass your money through expensive conduits like mutual funds, or other investment products that pay advisors for business. I don’t receive kickbacks in the form of commissions paid by investment companies for selling their products. There are no hidden fees. I often rescue clients from expensive arrangements.

I invite you to meet with me at my office, or over breakfast, lunch, coffee, drinks, or dinner. Give me a few days, dates, and times that work for you, I’ll get back with you with which of your times works best for me. Text or email me, Steve Pierce, at (734) 975-8750 (direct:voice/text) or and I’ll get back with you. Thanks for taking time to read this. I look forward to hearing from you.


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