5068 Plymouth Road Ann Arbor, MI, 48105 United States

(734) 975-8750 (Steve Pierce direct:voice/text)

Chisholm & Darden ("C&D") is Jack Chisholm, Scott Chisholm, Andrea Darden, Steve Pierce, Mark Minder, & Jani Cooke -a "super-'local'" commission-free, fee-only Registered Investment Advisor, staffed by Ann Arbor residents and established in Ann Arbor in 1981 as "Chisholm & Dames" (by Jack Chisholm & the late John Dames).  

It is dedicated to the stewardship of the financial- and retirement-assets of individuals, corporations, and local non-profits.*

We invest for you and offer transparent, ongoing management.

*Investing involves risk and possible loss of principal.  No statements made on this website are meant to predict or promise future results.

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